Rebreather diving is a beneficial alternative to open-circuit, and is suitable for shallow sport diving as well as advanced mixed gas diving. The quieter bubble-free operation is one of many advantages of rebreather diving, creating a more stress-free environment.

We offer TDI and BSAC training courses for semi-closed and fully closed-circuit rebreathers:
• DrägerDolphin and DrägerRay SCR (Semi Closed Circuit rebreathers)
• AP Inspiration and Evolution CCR (Closed Circuit rebreathers)
• Megaladon CCR (Closed Circuit rebreather)

The Semi Closed Circuit courses are a fun introduction to the world of rebreather diving and suitable for divers at any level.

The Closed Circuit Courses are intensive theory and practical skills based courses designed to teach the fundamental skills and attitudes required to survive and enjoy diving with a CCR.

When first learning, it must be remembered that diving a closed circuit rebreather is going back to basics, it's like learning to dive all over again.

CCR mixed gas modules prepare the advanced diver for more adventurous diving.

If your interested in learning more about rebreather diving, we offer a
full range of TDI and BSAC courses (see links below). We can also offer a Rebreather Try Dive - call us for details.

We also offer Instructor level courses to those suitably qualified. And remember, we sell and service rebreathers and stock a wide range of spares and consumables.

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