BSAC Explorer Mixed Gas Diver

What you learn
A BSAC Explorer Mixed Gas Diver is a diver who, when diving using the equipment specific to their qualification, is competent to:

  • Conduct dives with a dive buddy, within the limitations of the lesser qualified, in conditions already encountered by both during their training or previous experience
  • Conduct dives within BSAC Safe Diving guidelines
  • Dive to a maximum depth limit of 60 metres
  • Conduct such dives with a more experienced or more highly qualified diver to expand their experience of depth or other conditions, within the limits of their mixed gas certification, beyond that previously encountered. Such dives should be under the supervision of a Dive Manager who is ideally an experienced mixed gas diver
  • Conduct dives breathing a gas mixture of oxygen percentage greater than or equal to 18 % and a helium percentage of up to 35 %, for example, 18/35. This mixture contains the maximum permitted percentage of helium gas component for an Explorer Mixed Gas Diver, within the prescribed practical tolerances based on the final mixed gas percentages
  • Plan and conduct dives requiring mandatory decompression
  • Rescue another mixed gas diver from depth
  • Conduct dives where other divers, capable of providing assistance and rescue management skills, are available at the surface.

Qualification gained
Upon successful completion you will receive a BSAC certification.

To enrol in the BSAC Explorer Mixed Gas Diver course, you must:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Hold a minimum diver grade of BSAC Sports Mixed Gas Diver or recognised equivalent
  • Provide documented evidence of diving in the region of 30 to 50 metres in the past four weeks leading up to the course.
  • It is recommended that the diver should attend the following Skill Development Courses if they are not already qualified as a BSAC Dive Leader or equivalent prior to course enrolment:
    - Oxygen Administration
    - Practical Rescue Management

Course structure

  • Optional dry practical equipment review lesson
  • Optional confined water lesson dependent on the level of deep dive experience and familiarity with the appropriate dive equipment to execute a 60 metre dive.
  • A planning session to provide a detailed plan for the deep dive assessment
  • An open water dive to a depth between 55 and 60 metres, dependant on student performance, with a total underwater duration of not less than 60 minutes and an individual lesson duration of not less than 45 minutes
  • All practical training includes the achievement of specific performance standards at appropriate points throughout the lessons.

You will need a full set of diving kit. We offer equipment rental if required, at a discounted rate.

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